$175.00** Limited Time***Open Fireplace  Cleaning with Inspection Levels I  
 * Charlotte zip codes only all others $195.00*  (Regular Price $199.00)    

  $135.00 Open Fireplace Inspection Levels I & II  

* Charlotte zip codes only all others $155.00*                

$135.00 Gas Log Inspection/check up. 

*Charlotte zip codes only all others $145.00

Servicing gas logs will be extra charge.

  $155.00 Wood Stove Inspection Levels I & II 

* Charlotte zip codes only all others $175.00*  

  $235.00 *Special*  Wood Stove Cleaning with Inspection Levels I and II(Regular Price $275.00)   

* Charlotte zip codes only all others $275.00*  
  $135.00 +tax and up Chimney Caps Installed  Stainless Steel & Copper
  $95.00 and up Gutter Cleaning 

 $125.00 Dryer Vent Cleaning   
 * Charlotte zip codes only all others $145.00*  

       Air Duct Cleaning:

 $25.00 per supply       

 $25.00 Per return  

With a 10 vent minimum.   

Also offer an Oxine spray that kills any mold, mildew, or parasites that may be lingering around. 

There is a $50.00 charge per system for this.        


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Chimney Caps

Stainless Steel Single Flue Chimney Caps $135.00

Professional Grade Stainless Steel Chimney Caps


  • All 304 Stainless Steel Construction 
  • 8" screen height 
  • 18-ga. base and mesh 
  • 24-ga lid 
  • 3/4" Mesh 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Installation warranty for 365 days

Multi Flue Caps Call For Pricing

Knockdown style Multi Flue, Hinged Chimney Caps, Screen Height 8"

All caps are manufactured with 304 stainless steel and come complete with easy to install instructions and LIFETIME WARRANTY. The sturdiest most durable cap on the market.

Throat Damper Plate $200.00

Cast-iron Fireplace Throat Damper                                                                                                                                

Gas Logs

Because vented gas logs are designed to operate with an open chimney, flue, or damper, most of the heat that they generate escapes out the chimney, meaning that they are more decorative than actually heat efficient. Despite this drawback, vented gas logs are proven to provide the most realistic flame of any artificial fire on the market, making them an ideal choice for a fireplace that will be on display. 

While vent-free gas logs don’t burn as high as vented logs, they make up for their lack of flash with less pollution and more heat. Sometimes referred to as “vent-free heaters,” ventless gas logs don’t require an open chimney, meaning that 100% of the heat generated is kept in your home – and to top it off, ventless logs use less gas, saving you money not only in heating, but also in your gas line. 

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning
Since every gutter job is different,  we come to your house to give a free estimate. At that point you can decide to  proceed with the cleaning.  If you choose not to have the work done, there  is no charge for the estimate.
If your looking for high quality and the reliability of a company that has been  cleaning gutters for over 20 years, then choose A Chimney Sweep.  We clean gutters the   right way, by bagging up all of the debris and washing down the down spouts.   
Choose a company that is licensed,  and insured.